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Project coordinator: Minitopia/Rezone/RxDOMI

Since 2019, Tanéa has been actively working as a Project Coordinator at Minitopia/Rezone/RxDOMI. In this role, she serves as the main point of contact for residents participating in Minitopia projects, and she has played a significant role in coordinating various initiatives, including the Tiny Oevers Roosendaal, Tiny Beljaart Dongen, and Buurtschap te Veld in Eindhoven.

One of Minitopia's notable achievements is the Minitopia project in 's-Hertogenbosch, which was launched in 2016. This initiative transformed a former industrial area into a captivating residential space. Minitopia offers a diverse range of housing options, spanning from tiny houses to mobile homes, and from prefab structures to custom-designed residences. Each dwelling within Minitopia Poeldonk carries its own unique narrative. Serving as a living laboratory, Minitopia exemplifies innovative, circular living practices. The organization provides advisory services, devises housing solutions, and leads the creation of adaptable residential spaces. Additionally, RxDOMI pioneers the construction of custom-made homes using cutting-edge techniques. Alongside the establishment of new residential areas and innovative housing concepts, their efforts culminated in the publication of the book "Minitopia. Room for Your Housing Wish" (released on December 4, 2020), and have sparked new social initiatives.

In 2021, in collaboration with the Minitopia team, Tanéa took on the coordination of the development of 100 compact homes at Buurtschap te Veld in Eindhoven. Throughout this endeavor, she played a pivotal role in selecting participants based on their design and sustainability approaches. Her responsibilities encompassed organizing meetings for prospective residents and serving as the primary point of contact for numerous residents throughout the entirety of the project. Additionally, Tanéa actively participated in a workgroup dedicated to fostering involvement from Buurtschap te Veld's residents, stakeholders, and partners.

Location: Minitopia Poeldonk, 's-Hertogenbosch

Photo by: Henny van Belkom

Location: Tiny Oevers, Roosendaal

Photos by: Minitopia

Location: Buurtschap te Veld, Eindhoven

Photos: Minitopia


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