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Project coordinator: Rezone

Since 2019 Tanéa works as a project coordinator for Rezone. She is the contact person for residents of Minitopia Poeldonk and has helped with coordination for other projects such as 123 Tiny Casade. Tanéa is currently working on the project Tiny Oevers in Roosendaal. During this project ten tiny houses will be built on Tiny Oevers, in the future Vlietpark in Stadsoevers. These houses are fully-fledged, detached houses of up to 50 m2 with the smallest possible ecological footprint. This way of living is climate- and therefore future-proof. Designed and built by the residents themselves with innovative and sustainable techniques, the tiny houses are located in a new residential area, between the Innovitapark and the beach, within walking distance of the city centre.

Impression of Tiny Oevers, Roosendaal

Rezone is a design bureau based in 's-Hertogenbosch that initiates projects that are designed and developed at the intersection of architecture, urban planning, art and new media. The aim is to initiate innovative (art) projects that promote the spatial quality of the city, with a focus on transformation areas. Rezone strives to involve the public more emphatically and positively in the development of the urban environment.

One of their most well known projects is Minitopia in 's-Hertogenbosch that has been iniated in 2016.

Here the former environmental street has been transformed into an attractive residential area. You will find many different types of houses here, from tiny houses to movable houses. From ready-made to self-built. Every house on Minitopia Poeldonk has its own special story. Minitopia is a living laboratory with innovative, circular forms of living. We give advice, devise housing concepts and initiate and realise flexible residential areas. We also build customised homes ourselves using innovative techniques. In addition to residential locations and new forms of housing, our work led to the book Minitopia. Room for your housing wish (publication 4 December 2020) and new social initiatives

Minitopia Poeldonk in 's-Hertogenbosch

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