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Shinkichi Tajiri: The Restless Wanderer

'Shinkichi Tajiri: The Restless Wanderer', in collaboration with Bonnefanten, celebrates the centennial of our grandfather, the multidisciplinary Japanese-American artist Shinkichi Tajiri. The exhibition is the result of a two-year research into our family history and the impact of Shinkichi’s self-imposed exile on his life, work, family, and creative development. Through new material from our family archives, anecdotes, key pieces from his Warriors-, Seeds-, Machines-, and Knot-series, and works by close artist friends and sources of inspiration (a.o. Karel Appel, Isamu Noguchi, Constant), we aim to provide insight into how Shinkichi processed the separation from his homeland in his art and how he eventually found his home at Castle Scheres, the place where we spent our childhood and where three generations of Tajiri's have lived and worked.

"Curating this exhibition has given us an opportunity to re-examine our grandfather's life and reconsider his profound influence on us. We wish not only to pay tribute to our grandfather and his oeuvre but also to spotlight his role and significance as a father and grandfather. We believe that Shinkichi’s story will resonate with many. Themes of migration and exile are universal and carry a tragically current significance. We hope that this exhibition, initially born from displacement and exile, can ultimately serve as a platform that brings together people of various backgrounds and ages.”

- Tanéa & Shakuru Tajiri

'Shinkichi Tajiri: The Restless Wanderer' opens on December 2nd 2023. Read more about the upcoming exhibition here!


NRC (★★★★)


Museum: Bonnefanten, Maastricht

Guest Curators: Tanéa & Shakuru Tajiri

Artistic Director: Stijn Huijts

Senior Curator: Paula van den Bosch

Project Leader: Madeleine van Daele

Project Assistent: Suzanne Wewers

Photo Impression

Installation view in Bonnefanten, 2023. ©Peter Cox


📖 An exclusive publication about the show, authored by Tanéa and Shakuru, is be available in both Dutch and English. The book Shinkichi Tajiri: The Restless Wanderer provides an overview of Shinkichi’s life and work, featuring many previously unseen photographs from the family archive. Through their essays, Tanéa and Shakuru offer insights into the experience of growing up in an artistic family.


Authors: Tanéa & Shakuru Tajiri

Graphic Design: Samet Oruç

Editor: Renée Schmeetz

Translator: Allison Klein

Print: Andi Smart Print Solutions

Publisher: Bonnefanten, Maastricht

Distribution: Waanders Uitgevers b.v.

Publication - Shinkichi Tajiri: The Restless Wanderer


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