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“Wat een gemier!” (Dutch title) - A picture book about cultural diversity

Storytelling is an important part of transferring traditions, culture and getting to know each other better. ‘Wat een gemier!' is a picture book with a corresponding in-depth package for children in which dealing with cultural differences and philosophizing about this theme is central. By doing so, we bring children's worlds of experience together and pay attention to appreciating and accepting differences and dealing with prejudices. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness of the multicultural society, diversity and citizenship and to be open to other cultures.

This picture book tells the story of two different ant (mier in dutch) colonies that, due to circumstances, meet and have to search for a solution together. The story is used to talk to each other at home and in class and to think about solutions and consequences. The accompanying assignment cards have been developed to deal individually and collectively with the events and dilemmas in the book in order to eventually find a solution for the end of the story.

This picture book has been written for children from age 6 to 9, but because it is a recurring theme, we would like to invite all children, parents and teachers to work on it together.

This book is the product of an idea and collaboration between Tanéa Tajiri and Sarike Gaillard (illustrator and concept designer). The *first version of the book with the assignment package (in Dutch) is now available.

For more information visit the website.

Written by Annemarie Jongbloed

Illustrations by Sarike Gaillard

Coordination by Tanéa Tajiri

*In collaboration with Library West-Brabant.

Copyright © 2019 Tanéa Tajiri & Sarike Gaillard


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