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Website: Ferdi Tajiri

Ferdi (1927-1969), known as Ferdi Jansen-Tajiri, was a Dutch sculptor and jewelry maker who is known for her Hortisculptures. In collaboration with the Shinkichi Tajiri Estate a website about Ferdi and her work has been build. After creating the website about Shinkichi Tajiri the estate, who is also responsible for the legacy of Ferdi, wanted to dedicate a platform to Ferdi's colourful work.

Ferdi was an unconventional artist for her time and we wanted to share her personality and her work through this website. She had an amazing eye for detail and shapes, so this has been translated into the background of the different website pages. The website includes beautiful portraits of her made by photographers like: Ed van der Elsken, Leonard Freed and Eddy Posthuma de Boer and a film by Shinkichi Tajiri. Many different artists contributed to a book that Tajiri made about Ferdi after she passed away in 1969. Some of these very personal letters, photo's, poems, drawings will be featured on the 'tributes' page, that is still under construction.

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Design and concept by Tanéa Tajiri (2018)

Information and advise by the Shinkichi Tajiri Estate


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