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Website: Shinkichi Tajiri Estate

The Shinkichi Tajiri Estate was in need of a website that would share more information about the artist, Shinkichi Tajiri (1923-2009) and at the same time would give a brief overview of all the different works he has created. For the estate, being responsible for the artworks and the legacy of Tajiri, the website also needed to be a place where students, researchers, art lovers etc. could find more information on current exhibitions, publications and events.

In 1993 Tajiri shares his story in words and images in Shinkichi Tajiri: Autobiographical Notations which became an important resource for creating the website. I decided to incorporate as many personal quotes of Shinkichi to give the website visitor the feeling as if they where in a personal conversation with the artist. As you click through the website you will find Tajiri's own quotes that share more information about the different works and materials he used creating his legacy.

Together with the estate Tanéa made a selection of themes from Tajiri's legacy that where incorparated into the website for the first launch. The estate will continue to develop the website, adding more themes and works, making it a platform that will eventually show the entire legacy of Shinkichi Tajiri.

To visit the website:

Design and concept by Tanéa Tajiri (2017)

Information and advise by the Shinkichi Tajiri Estate

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