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Website: Shinkichi Tajiri

The Shinkichi Tajiri Estate required an active website to both provide comprehensive insights into the artist Shinkichi Tajiri (1923-2009) and offer a concise overview of his diverse body of work. As custodians of Tajiri's artworks and legacy, the estate sought to establish the website as a hub for students, researchers, art enthusiasts, and more. This platform would serve as a valuable resource, offering extensive details about ongoing exhibitions, publications, and events associated with Tajiri's artistry.

In 1993, Tajiri shared his narrative through words and images in Shinkichi Tajiri: Autobiographical Notations, which became a pivotal source for shaping the website. To provide visitors with a personal connection to the artist, I decided to incorporate numerous direct quotes from Shinkichi himself. As visitors navigate the website, they will encounter Tajiri's own quotes that offer insights into the various works and materials he employed to create his lasting legacy.

Collaborating closely with the estate, Tanéa selected specific themes from Tajiri's legacy to feature on the website's initial launch. The estate will continue to enhance the website, introducing additional themes and works over time. This ongoing effort will transform the platform into a comprehensive showcase, eventually encompassing the entirety of Shinkichi Tajiri's remarkable legacy.

To visit the website:

Design and concept by Tanéa Tajiri (2017)

Information and advise by the Shinkichi Tajiri Estate


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